About Me & How I Can Help

If you’ve found yourself living an UNEXPECTED LIFE (voluntarily or not) because of a major life event that caused you to question your self identity, we probably have more than a few things in common. Have you felt that time is either dragging or running out, felt vulnerable and knew it, felt embarrassed or ashamed or guilty, been exhausted and unable to restore yourself, doubted yourself, been lonely, and been confused? Yeah, me, too. And it frustrated me.

Fortunately, I also know it’s possible to CREATE AN AMAZING LIFE despite all this. I know the difference between setbacks, mishaps and tragedies. I want to help other people understand change, especially if it resulted from loss and caused grief. (But there are changes that still impact us even if they are good ones!) It doesn’t matter if you have been impacted by the death of someone close, had a change in employment status, found yourself in a financial crisis, had a relationship break up, etc.  I can help you find the bridge that gets you from where you are to where you are going. (PS-it’s true that not all change is bad!)

I’ve been married and unmarried, divorced and widowed. I am a mom, grandma, sister, aunt, and friend. I used to be a a wife, daughter, stepmom, employee, and boss. I’ve climbed the ladder of success and now I’m doing my own thing as a writer and coach/consultant to help others figure out how to best deal with changes –past, present, and future.  I currently live with three critters of the rescued dog variety, I sometimes drive a Honda VTX1300T motorcycle, I camp, I like to paint (walls and furniture) and color (pictures).  I read a LOT, and I write.

One of my favorite quotes is The only reason to do anything is as an expression of who you are, by Neale Donald Walsch, from Conversations with God. My all-time favorite book  (since high school) is The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran, and I even got a tattoo a couple of years ago to represent a passage in that book that captures my philosophy of life. You’ll have to ask me about that if you want to know more!

In case you are worried I only have my version of life and personal stories to tell, I also hold college degrees in organizational leadership (bachelor’s) and management (master’s). I have studied communication and leadership for over 25 years as a Toastmaster and achieved the level of Distinguished Toastmaster. I am certified as a coach by the John Maxwell Team. I am also certified to teach a program called The Change Cycle. I have other career-related achievements and belong to several professional organizations; I won’t bore you with the list, but just know that I know what I’m talking about…and I’m a do-er.



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