I’ve probably had a couple of dozen kids to my house tonight, trick-or-treating.  I’ve seen werewolves, pirates, several princesses, a bunny, a few superheros, and the cast of Grease (the Pink Ladies were great!).  It has made me think how great it is that today’s kids can really jump into the spirit of the character and not just put on a mask, like we did when were kids.  I think we got to choose colored eye masks … but then again, it was Minnesota and so winter coats were required. That’s a sure-fire way to defeat a costume. Anyway, today’s kids don’t just put on a mask. They do their research and put on an entire alter ego, with makeup, hair, and attitude.  Even the “IRS auditors” had a line about enjoying my tax dollars at work!!    Maybe they will be better prepared dreamers than I was.  I still am not sure who I want to be when I grow up.  That’s what this solowing/sabbatical is about…discovering the answer to that and being comfortable with whatever it turns out to be.  Happy Halloween!